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What we Do

Great companies around the world face big challenges when going global and expanding worldwide. Global Techtools act in collaboration with industry leaders players, allowing us to deliver outstanding results to you.

We provide Latin America reach with local value, service and experience to enable successfully ICT solutions for multinational organizations. We extend your capabilities through best practice sharing and leveraging our combined strength with vendors.

A Collaborative Results-Driven Network:


  • Global Enterprises working in Latin America.

  • Latin American Companies going Global

Channel Partners

  • Global ICT Companies working on projects that include Latin America Locations.

  • Latin American ICT Companies Serving Global Projects.

Industry-leading Brand Partners

  • Global ICT Manufacturers working on projects that include Latin America Locations.

About us

Global Techtools delivers Industry-Leading ICT Brands and in-country world-class services in Latin America Locations.

To help our clients with their global initiatives, Global Techtools partner up with the best ICT Solution Providers and Integrators around the globe, allowing us to bring together our solutions architects, engineers, technicians and any other ICT professional the project requires.

Countries in Latin America have its peculiarities, including complex taxes system, strict import requirements and outdated labor laws posing a big challenge on expand their operations.

Rely on the right ICT provider to speed up this process, while reducing the associated risks and costs, are critical to success.

Our Mission

Being with our customers, prospecting, designing and delivering the best and most appropriate ICT solutions for your business, in an innovative, objective and safe way.

Our Vision

  • To be recognized as the best company in ICT knowledge applied to businesses involving Latin America;
  • Passion for the use of the best technological solutions, enabling our clients to be successful companies in their activities.
  • Continuously create value for our customers through innovation in information and communication technology area, replacing outdated models and practices
  • Seek perfection by monitoring our actions and activities in the smallest detail to achieve the excellence that customers expect from Global Techtools.

Our Values

  • Create value for the customer;
  • Integrity, ethics, transparency and trust;
  • Pursue Continuous Innovation;
  • Business Intelligence;
  • Recognition and permanent development of our team;
  • Data integrity and security;
  • Effective management;
  • Commitment to Total Quality;
  • Social commitment and the environment;
  • Return to shareholders.


Contact Info

To contact Global Techtools or get some information about our solutions, products and services, send us a message.

Global Techtools World Headquarters

2330, Ponce de Leon Blvd. Coral Gables Miami, FL 33134, USA


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